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The AVA Smart Program is a web3 travel loyalty program powered by the AVA token. Designed by the AVA Foundation, the program offers crypto rewards, discounts, airdrops, and more on Travala.com.
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$11 million+ saved by members
4.5 million+ AVA rewards distributed

AVA Token

The AVA token powers the AVA ecosystem and is used to upgrade Smart memberships, make payments, and distribute rewards.
AVA Token

Membership Perks

Smart members receive a range of perks across the AVA ecosystem. 
Smart memberships are upgradable by locking AVA tokens on Travala.com. Lock more AVA to receive better perks.
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Diamond Members

Icon - Crypto Rewards

Crypto Rewards

Up to 10% back in AVA or Bitcoin for travel bookings on Travala.com
Icon - Discounts


Discounts of up to 5% for travel bookings on Travala.com
Icon - AVA Smart Bonus

AVA Smart Bonus

AVA token bonuses of up to 20% per year on locked AVA
Icon - Airdrops


Chance to participate in airdrops of early-stage token partner projects
Icon - Payment Incentives

Payment Incentives

An extra up to 3% discount on Travala.com for bookings made in AVA
Icon - Ambassador Bonus

Ambassador Bonus

Quarterly Travel Credit rewards for completing tasks
Icon - Airport Lounges

Airport Lounges

Access to 1,300+ airport lounges with 4 free passes annually
Icon - Proof of Travel

Proof of Travel

Access to the Proof of Travel NFT program to claim NFT stamps
Icon - Concierge Service

Concierge Service

Luxury travel perks via Travala.com’s Concierge service
Icon - Travel Drops

Travel Drops

Entry into exclusive travel experience giveaways

Travel Tiger NFTs

Travel Tiger NFTs are the key to unlocking the Smart Diamond membership, which provides maximum rewards, exclusive perks, and early access. Lock 2,500 AVA and connect a Travel Tiger NFT on Travala.com to activate Smart Diamond.
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Travel Tiger NFTs
AVA Bridge
AVA Bridge
AVA is an Ethereum-based token (ERC20) that can be bridged to BNB Chain (BEP20).
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Community Vote
Community Vote
Community members can vote on active proposals related to the AVA ecosystem. Voting weight is determined by the number of AVA tokens held in the connected wallet.
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AVA Ecosystem

The AVA ecosystem includes exchanges where users can trade AVA and wallets that facilitate the secure storage of AVA.

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CTOK Airdrop for Smart Members
As part of our strategic partnership with Codyfight (CTOK), Smart Diamond and Platinum members will receive exclusive access to a CTOK airdrop up to a maximum total of 200,000...
SNSY Airdrop for Smart Members
As a new perk of the AVA Smart Program, Smart members will now have the opportunity to participate in token airdrops of early-stage partner projects. The first of these projects is...
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