Ultimate Travel Tiger NFT & Smart Diamond Guide

The Travel Tiger NFTs are a collection of 2,000 Ethereum-based utility NFTs created by the AVA Foundation that are the key to unlocking the Smart Diamond membership on—the highest tier of the AVA Smart Program.

The Smart Diamond membership provides access to a wide range of premium travel perks, including Travel Credit rewards, AVA token rewards, up to 10% back in Bitcoin or AVA rewards on travel bookings, entry into exclusive travel giveaways, airport lounge access, and more.

To illustrate these perks in action: in the LAST 6 MONTHS, each Diamond member who has completed the requirements has received, at a minimum:

  • Ambassador Bonus: US$386 in Travel Credits per Travel Tiger NFT connected to their Diamond membership for completing Contributor Tasks
  • AVA Smart Bonus: 250 AVA for completing Contributor Tasks or spending AVA (based on a bonus of 20% per year on the total amount of AVA locked)
  • Up to 10% Givebacks: 10% back in Bitcoin or AVA on all hotel and activity bookings, and 3% back on flights
  • Travel Drops: Entry into four luxury travel giveaways, with four unique winners
  • Airdrops: Airdrops of two early-stage partner projects
  • Airport Lounges: 4 free airport lounge passes per year to 1,300+ lounges globally
  • AVA Discount: Additional discounts of up to 3% when booking travel with AVA in full
  • Proof of Travel: Access to the Proof of Travel NFT program to claim stamps & badges
  • Concierge Access: Access to Concierge travel agents for bookings over US$20,000 in value
  • Marriott Bonvoy Points: Ability to earn Marriott Bonvoy points for Marriott International hotel bookings over US$1,000 via Concierge

Each of the perks is covered in more detail below.

Ambassador Bonus

The Ambassador Bonus is a quarterly Travel Credit reward. Travel Credits can be likened to travel loyalty points that are denominated in USD (i.e. 1 Travel Credit = 1 USD). Travel Credits can be used to purchase any flight, hotel or activity available on The total Ambassador Bonus shared between the 2,000 Travel Tiger NFTs is equivalent to 2% of the quarterly booking volume of

To receive the Ambassador Bonus, you must:

  1. hold an active Diamond membership by the final day of the previous calendar quarter (e.g. by 31st March to participate in April’s Ambassador Bonus); AND
  2. complete Contributor Tasks during the first two weeks of each new calendar quarter (i.e. January, April, July, October).

Contributor Tasks aim to grow the AVA and ecosystems by having members perform specific tasks, usually on social media.

Upon completion of the Contributor Tasks, Diamond members will need to claim their Travel Credit rewards during the two-week claim period.

In addition to the essential Contributor Tasks that guarantee the Ambassador Bonus, there are extra tasks which may be optionally completed to win further Travel Credit prizes.

BOOST WITH MULTIPLE NFTs: For each additional Travel Tiger NFT in your wallet connected to your account, you’ll receive an additional Ambassador Bonus reward. For example, a Diamond member with two Travel Tiger NFTs will receive twice the amount of Travel Credits than a Diamond member with one Travel Tiger NFT.

NOTE: additional NFTs must be in the same wallet connected to your account by the final day of the previous calendar quarter to receive the Ambassador Bonus for the elapsed quarter. No additional Contributor Tasks need to be completed for each additional connected NFT, provided the Travel Tiger NFTs are connected to the one account.

AVA Smart Bonus

The AVA Smart Bonus is a quarterly reward in the AVA token calculated on the amount of your locked AVA in the AVA Smart Program. The current AVA Smart Bonus rate for Diamond members is 20% per year (15% for all other Smart membership tiers).

The AVA Smart Bonus follows the same quarterly schedule as the Ambassador Bonus, including the requirement to hold an active membership by the final day of the previous calendar quarter, as well as a two-week Contributor Task period followed by a two-week claim period.

There are two ways to qualify for the AVA Smart Bonus:

  1. Contributor Tasks: Diamond members who complete the Contributor Tasks as part of the Ambassador Bonus (see previous section) will automatically qualify to claim the AVA Smart Bonus.
  2. AVA Minimum Spend: Alternatively, Diamond members can qualify for the AVA Smart Bonus by spending at least US$50 in AVA on the platform in the previous quarter. Any product available to purchase with AVA on will contribute to this requirement, including completed travel bookings (inclusive of flights, hotels and activities), Travel Credit purchases, or Travel Gift Card purchases.

NOTE: additional NFTs must be in the same wallet connected to your account by the final day of the previous calendar quarter to receive the AVA Smart Bonus for the elapsed quarter. Any travel bookings that are refunded or not yet completed by the end of the applicable quarter will NOT count towards the AVA minimum spend requirement for that quarter. Meeting the AVA minimum spend does not qualify members for the Ambassador Bonus. The AVA Smart Bonus rate is subject to change based on community voting. Read more here

BOOST WITH MULTIPLE NFTs: For each additional Travel Tiger NFT in your wallet connected to your account, you’ll be able to lock up to an extra 2,500 AVA. For example, four Travel Tiger NFTs in the connected wallet would enable up to 7,500 extra AVA tokens to be locked (in addition to the existing 2,500 AVA already locked to activate the Smart Diamond membership) for a total of 10,000 locked AVA. This would attract an AVA Smart Bonus of 2,000 AVA per year (10,000 AVA x 20%), provided the requirements are met each quarter. Read more here

Up to 10% Givebacks

Diamond members get up to 10% back in AVA or Bitcoin on all travel bookings. These rewards are paid directly to your account wallet within 24 hours of completing your trip.

The reward percentage you receive depends on the type of travel you book:

  • 10% back on all hotels
  • 10% back on all activities
  • 3% back on all flights

The giveback amount is calculated on the final booking price less any applicable service fees and taxes. Giveback rewards may be used to make purchases on, boost other Diamond perks, or on external platforms.

To toggle between AVA or Bitcoin rewards, set your preferred reward currency in the Giveback section of your account.

Travel Drops

Travel drops are luxury travel giveaways that take place several times throughout the year and are exclusive to Diamond members. These are once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences curated by the team and include accommodation, activities and a flight budget.

Previous travel drops include an unforgettable luxury getaway in the Maldives, an all-access VIP Singapore Grand Prix experience, and a package featuring tickets to the Super Bowl LVII.

The winner is selected at random from all issued Travel Tiger NFTs. The prize is then attached to the winning Travel Tiger NFT’s metadata and can be sold on the secondary market, enabling users to make offers for the prize if the winner does not wish to (or cannot) utilise the prize.

In addition to the regular travel drops, Founders Edition Travel Tiger NFT holders are also entered into extra travel drops exclusive to the issued Founders Edition Travel Tiger NFTs.

BOOST WITH MULTIPLE NFTs: For each additional Travel Tiger NFT you own, you’ll increase your odds of winning! 1 Travel Tiger NFT = 1 entry, 2 Travel Tiger NFTs = 2 entries, and so on.


Diamond members receive guaranteed participation in all airdrops of early-stage token partner projects. We partner with projects that we believe have the potential to make an impact in the industry, with the goal of supporting their journey and list the project’s token as a payment option on in the future.

Airdrops are announced via email and on social media, with a one-week whitelisting period for you to register for the airdrop by providing your wallet address in the Airdrop section of your account. Airdrops are then completed within one week of the whitelist concluding.

BOOST WITH MULTIPLE NFTs: For each additional Travel Tiger NFT in your wallet connected to your account AND an extra 2,500 AVA locked up per NFT, you’ll receive a larger airdrop allocation. The allocation for each airdrop varies depending on each project.

Airport Lounges

Get access to 1,300+ airport lounges across the globe, with 4 free passes annually via Priority Pass. Your airport lounge access invitation code will be emailed to you within one month of activating your Diamond membership.

Your 4 free passes renew annually from the time that you activate this invitation code (NOTE: not at the time of your Diamond membership activation), provided your Diamond membership remains active.

If you travel more frequently, additional lounge passes can be purchased if you exceed the four free pass limit. If you’re travelling with others, an additional fee may be charged per person. 

Read more here

NOTE: multiple NFTs do not provide additional airdrop lounge access if connected to the same account.

AVA Discount

Paying for the full amount of your booking with the AVA token confers up to an additional 3% discount on the total price. This discount is applied at the time of booking, with the biggest discount applicable for hotel and activity bookings.

Proof of Travel

Get access to the Proof of Travel NFT program to claim NFT stamps and badges in your Open Passport. The Open Passport is currently offered exclusively to Diamond members and enables you to relive your trips by collecting digital NFT stamps in your blockchain-based Open Passport for every flight, stay and activity booking completed on

The capabilities of the Open Passport will continue to expand, with exciting features like customisation options, rewards for completing travel quests, limited edition stamps, and the ability to use AVA to enhance your Open Passport experience all planned to be introduced.

Read more here

Concierge Access

Diamond members receive access to’s luxury personalised travel service for bookings over US$20,000 in value. As an exclusive, elite service dedicated to crafting memorable experiences, a minimum upfront commitment of US$100,000 is typically required to join the service without a Diamond membership.

The Concierge service includes full access to your own personal travel manager who will work with you to plan your perfect escape—including travel, accommodation, activities and dining—based entirely on your interests. You will also receive access to thousands of luxury products, such as private jets, yachts, private islands, exclusive dining experiences, and more. The team is available to chat 24/7 through your preferred communication service, whether it be Telegram, WhatsApp, phone, or email.

Marriott Bonvoy Points

Diamond members can earn Marriott Bonvoy points for Marriott International hotel bookings over US$1,000 via’s Concierge service. When a qualifying booking is made via the Concierge service, points are credited directly to the member’s existing Marriott Bonvoy account, which are redeemable on the Marriott International website.

This perk enables Diamond members to access Concierge travel agents at a significantly lower price point than the $20,000 minimum booking amount mentioned in the Concierge Access section above.

Diamond members with an existing Marriott Bonvoy account who are planning to spend US$1,000 or more in a single booking on Marriott International hotels can contact [email protected] to arrange a booking with a concierge agent and earn Marriott Bonvoy points.

NOTE: Smart membership perks are not applicable to Concierge bookings.

Read more here

About AVA Foundation

The AVA Foundation’s overarching mission is to create a decentralised and self-sufficient blockchain-based loyalty ecosystem with AVA at its core. The AVA token functions as the key to accessing web3 loyalty programs and provides perks to end users, such as AVA payment discounts, AVA loyalty rewards, gated access benefits, and more. AVA tokenises the concept of loyalty reward programs using blockchain technology, bringing web3 to traditional loyalty models.